Turning 50

Oldsville“What do you want to do for your 50th birthday?” my wife asked me. “What, I’m turning 50?” was my reply. Even my mother and father were surprised when they realized I would be 50 this month! Oh no, I thought, that dreaded birthday when they decorate with black balloons, grey streamers, and RIP signs hanging on the walls. I have been to countless other “turning 50” birthday parties, but now my own! I am sure my friends will have fun surprising me with gifts like a walker, Continue reading “Turning 50”

Wile E. Coyote Parenting

Wile E. Coyote Parenting

This was a cool blog I read just this morning. While I wouldn’t compare parenting to the road runner, there are times when I feel like Wiley E. Coyote. And sometimes I feel like the roadrunner!!! Enjoy.

The Daddy Blitz

Wile E. Coyote is one of my favorite characters from Looney Tunes. Why? Because I can identify with him. When I parent, I am Wile E. Coyote.

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I would rather be a turkey than a chicken!

TurkeyI saw a poster last November that read, “No matter what happens this month, at least you’re not a turkey.” It’s true, November 27th is a terrible day if you are a turkey; it’s a day to suppress the noisy gobbling, abandon the thrashing in the bushes looking for food, and just stay hidden in a tree and avoid being seen by any pilgrims roaming the forest. But the good news for turkeys is that Thanksgiving only comes once a year and turkey consumption drops in half for every month other than November (from 2.5 lbs/person to 1.2 lbs/person). Chickens are not so lucky, and a large part of the blame is those skinny, useless wings. Continue reading “I would rather be a turkey than a chicken!”


Snowbiking“You’re going mountain-biking?” My wife asked in a puzzled voice. It was January and we had just received 6 inches of new snow. “Of course not” I answered, laughing off the question, “that would be silly, I’m going snow-biking.” Admittedly, the only difference would be the clothing I would wear. I would, in fact, be riding my mountain-bike in the snow. Calling it snow-biking suddenly made it okay and logical. See, I bought a new mountain-bike just before Christmas and I was too impatient to wait until spring to get it out on the trails. My dog Scout did back flips of excitement as I cleared the driveway and loaded the bike into the back of my suburban. He knew we were going on an adventure.

That was the first of many snow-bike rides this past winter and early spring. I’ve had some great rides and learned some valuable, and sometimes painfu Continue reading “Snowbiking”

Colorado weather, a metaphor for life?

Earlier this month, Colorado had a snow storm that brought nearly 2 feet of snow to my neighborhood. It was April 16th, springtime in the Rockies, and most of us were ready for springtime activities. The snow started late Friday night and by Saturday morning we already had nearly a foot of snow on the ground. I coach high school baseball and had a double header scheduled for that Saturday. The entire weekend was full of planned activities; Saturday morning breakfast with the team, double header that afternoon, a sweet 16 birthday party for my daughter that evening, then a long mountain bike ride and church on Sunday. But the severe weather changed all that. The snow even knocked out our internet and Satellite TV. You can imagine the joy my daughter felt Continue reading “Colorado weather, a metaphor for life?”