Socks with Sandals


I never was much of a sandals guy. Even as a kid, I never wore flip flops, I’d rather go barefoot than have that rubber piece stuck between my toes. I’m still not big on wearing flip flops or sandals. I do, however, enjoy wearing socks with sandals. It’s comfortable and it still let’s my feet breathe. My kids laugh at me and tell me it’s “socially unacceptable.” This from the generation in which girls wear their PJ’s to go shopping and guys wear “man-buns!” Maybe it’s the white socks that’s the problem. “What if I wear black socks?” I ask, “day-glow green perhaps?” Socks with sandals was voted the biggest faux pas of all time back in 2013, according to Debenhams Press Center.

But social norms are, well, often not normal when you take a long view. They change with each generation and sometimes come back a generation or two later. If my wife styled her hair like women used to do in the 80’s, my kids would think she got her finger stuck in the electric socket. Even my 80’s hairstyle brings laughter when we look at old pictures. See, I was 5’10”, but 6’1” with the afro (what a great line from Airplane!). On the other hand, in the 90’s, I used to have a pair of high top converse with one red shoe and one blue shoe. It was always a conversation piece, but today converse are in style and multi-color would likely catch on quickly (hey, maybe I started that trend, why don’t my kids realize just how cool I am?).

From my point of view, if it’s comfortable, you like it, and it’s not vulgar, go for it and don’t worry what others think. If it really is comfortable, others will feel the same way. You may be starting the next trend. Oh, and by the way, both David Beckham and Justin Bieber have been seen recently wearing socks and sandals. I’m sure there are plenty more closet sock-sandal wearers out there. Who knows, my kids may be among them!

I’d love to hear what you think. Post a comment in my blog and share where you stand within the sock-sandal debate.

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged” (Matthew 7:1)

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18 thoughts on “Socks with Sandals

  1. well it may have to do with how I’ve been fed to look at anyone who even dreams of wearing socks with sandals, I absolutely hate the idea. But each to his own. I personally wouldn’t wear it, ever. There are trends that I hate. There’s this new one of wearing button down shirts so that the buttoned side is at the back! How people think of such stuff is beyond me. Ah, fashion!

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      1. Trust me, I’m all for comfort. I do not blindly follow fashion but there are things that I just cannot stand. Maybe if I tried it, I might like it!

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  2. Hehe like stars394 I would never wear it either as I don’t think socks go with sandals. If I want to wear socks, then I would wear other types of shoes. But if you feel comfortable with this combo, then go for it! And don’t be shocked if someone sees you and asks you are you from Finland as this is a very typical way to wear sandals for Finnish men 😋

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  3. Socks with sandals…hate it! Looks too out of place. Worse, bare feet! I can’t stand lioking at bare feet. When I am at the pool or beach I avoid looking at them. Probably from child trauma of seeing “Sweetfeet” in all his glory!

    If God wanted us to go bare footed he wouldn’t have given us socks to wear! But not with sandals…

    Bare feet in sandals that cover the toes is acceptable.

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    1. I’m really glad you mentioned “sweetfeet”. When I was a kid, my mother spilled perfume in my Dad’s running shoes. From that day forward, he was known as sweetfeel. So that term has a special meaning for our family. Thanks for the comment.


  4. Ha this is pretty interesting! I think I do judge people who wear socks and sandals – even though I’m normally a “live and let live” kinda guy. If it’s comfortable, I’m all for it. Had no idea Becks and the Biebz were wearing them, though! A trend must be starting . . . 🙂

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  5. Just the title of this post made me smile. I personally, have never seen the socks and sandals as such an “issue”. My (Spanish) boyfriend however, thinks it is hilarious when he sees someone with those socks pulled up high, short shorts on and flippy floppy sandals. He says that all Spaniards think it’s funny to see a “foreigner” dressed like that! I do worry a little about the tan line…and I always used to ask my dad (may he rest in peace) to wear plenty of sun cream on the rest of his pasty white legs! I didn’t care though, all that mattered was that he was comfortable and he had made the effort to come over and visit me!
    I also remember taking a group of Spanish students on a summer course and the kids were going crazy snapping photos of not only men, but women in their white socks and sandals!
    So sorry, I’m blabbering away here, but this post has really touched me! Wear your socks and sandals with pride…and if you do so while visiting Spain…please snap and share it!!

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  6. Ha! I always think people who wear socks with sandals are Yankees (I can judge, being a superior Southerner), just like custom vans seem to always have Ohio license plates. I have always detested sandals or flip flops of any kind. Perhaps because I hate feet. So, covering those feet with socks may be the best thing to sandals! So, forge on and make that anomaly normal. Seems like 3/4 of Southerners wear flip flops. I kid you not, the women where heeled flip flops down here. And then there are the “dressy” flip flops with rhinestones. Ahhh, sorry, I rant. To your point, if it’s comfortable, who cares? Totally agree. My kids love fashion, and the louder and more mismatched the better. I look at them and think, “Dang, they are going to laugh at themselves when they get older and look at pictures.” But, as you said, we looked funny too. My kids love to look at pictures of me as a kid, with those whitey-tighty-length shorts and striped tube socks pulled up to my knees.

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  7. I just said the other day to a friend, “I can’t see how people wear socks with flip flops and be comfortable!” My personal feeling is, socks and sandals aren’t meant to mix (particularly flip flops) but on a cool day that I just won’t want to wear sneakers, a pair of light socks with my Keens do me just fine!


  8. I secretly do this as well 😉
    It really is comfy. But I usually wear skin colored socks instead of white or black. Looks more like bare feet so it’s not as odd looking.


  9. There’s no issue with socks and sandals as they’ve been sent down the runway for years. The runway sandals have high heels and the socks have beautiful patterns but it’s pretty much the same thing.


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