Play Ball!!

“Play ball!” we hear from the deep, commanding voice of the umpire. It’s springtime and across the country ball games are in full swing. From Little League to the pros, it’s time for America’s favorite pastime. At a time when the earth is waking up around us, optimism fills every city, town, and rural community. This could be the year! And so it is in the land of opportunity. The great American spirit, and the promise for the future, make us all believers. Don’t miss the excitement! Take time this week to get out to a local ball park and support your team. Who knows, your team may go all the way. For me, I’m optimistic. With opening day happening this week, my team is still undefeated!


One thought on “Play Ball!!

  1. As a die hard Cardinals fan I’m always optimistic yet a little nervous at this time of year. You never know what kind of weird scrappiness they’re going to come up with! This should be an interesting year with the Cubs finally being a contender!


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