Where to start?

Today, on a flight from DC to Denver, I had the good luck to be upgraded to first class. I’m a frequent traveler, with points and status. But still, upgrades are rare and I’m too practical (or cheap) to pay for first class. So today I stood confidently in the first class boarding line, savored the microwaved egg omelet, and happily washed with the hot towel that smells like bleach, reveling in the idea that I must be an important traveler. In reality, I just got lucky, won the airline booking lottery. Just yesterday I was sitting in seat 28B, a middle seat, with a very large, overweight man on my right, keeping me pinned against the arm rest on my left. Ah, but today, I am king, seat 1A. Stewardess, please bring me some warm nuts.

The night before, I downloaded an iBook sample of “Start”, by Jon Acuff. A book recommended by Dave Ramsey about charting your future to “awesome”. After reading the free 20 pages, I wondered if I should spend the $9.99 to buy the book! Without that option available at that moment, I considered if I should give the advice I just read a try, start a blog. Ok, I asked myself, but is that what the book is really suggesting? It’s hard to tell in just 20 pages! With nothing else pressing to do, I decided to jump in and take Jon Acuff’s advice and give a blog a try. Who knows, maybe this could be fun. Maybe I’m more interesting than my wife believes and maybe others might appreciate the ramblings of a midlife Colorado boy. I do enjoy writing letters, like the Christmas letter I write each year. Okay, maybe only every other year, but people seem to enjoy it. After all, my Aunt Doris told my mom she looks forward to it each year, so it must be good, right?

But what would I write about, I’m just an average guy thinking about average things; will I ever retire? Am I contributing to this world? What would a Donald Trump presidency be like? Would it spark a new hairstyle called, The Donald? Why do flight attendants hate to be called a stewardess? I’m an engineer and I don’t mind being called an engineer, although many of my colleagues like to be called consultants. To me, a consultant could be called a confirmer, someone who confirms what others already know but need someone to tell them. Dave Ramsey is a confirmer; Debt is bad, savings is good, and it feels great to give. We all know this, but apparently we need someone to tell us! I digress.

So back to my blog topic. After a few really dumb ideas like;

– Does water in first class really taste better than in coach?

– Politicians, the world of truth, sacrifice, and service.

– How to kill a vole with just peanut butter and a hammer.

All great topics which would each clearly fill a need for critical information, but none of these really excited me. After struggling with a good topic for about 5 minutes, I realize I probably have nothing important to say. Hey, that could work; nothing important to say.

Now that I realize I have nothing important to say, how do I get this unimportant information into a blog and available for others to read? Will anyone even read it? I guess I should have bought the book…


8 thoughts on “Where to start?

  1. I will certainly read it Mike. Imagine, getting to read what your write (which I do always enjoy and appreciate) more than once a year, or once every other year. I am looking forward to it!


  2. Mike, this sounds pretty neat. In addition to keeping updated with an old friend, it sounds like you may have makings of some great material for a new sitcom. Say Seinfeld meets Dilbert. “Why does the towel in first class smell chlorinated? It should smell like a fresh Colorado spring day or a new car.” I think we could pitch this to Netflix in a year or so. Looking forward to nothingimportant2say.


  3. Dan took my opening line of comparing this to a Seinfeld episode, “The Show About Nothing”…I am surprised he didn’t go after the “warm nuts” reference…although I knew he thought about it. Who is Andre? Did I miss a brother? There were too many… Now its my turn…6 hour layover in Panama…I have relatives here but not enough time to visit and get back.


  4. Enjoyed reading it, Mike! And Great scenery picture! I subscribed, so I look forward to the next installments. Just one question: How DO you kill a vole with peanut butter and a hammer? We had a vole killing in our backyard, but it involved a chihuahua and an American bulldog!


  5. Love it, Mike! Love the scenery photo! I signed up to follow you.
    OK, so how DO you kill a vole with a hammer and peanut butter? We had a vole killing in our backyard, but it was with a Chihuahua and an American Bulldog!


  6. I left an earlier reply, but I flubbed the confirmation and the brilliant masterpiece of snide remarks and perfect comedic timing was lost…I will recreate part of that tapestry of melodic words here:

    First a disclaimer, unlike the rest of you, I am the product of PG County schools, so I cannot be held accountable for my grammar. By the way Mike, you are a PG boy…transplanted in Colorado. Improtant distinction…

    Dan stole my thunder with the reference to “Seinfeld”, the “Show about Nothing”… I am surprised he didn’t go for the “warm nuts” reference. But I know Dan, he considered it!

    Is Andre a brother I should know about? There were so many, if you include EJ, Z, Chuckie, and the big guy (Alzeihmers moment)…

    I am currently on a 6 hour layover in Panama…blog thoughts racing through my head…all inappropriate without mixed company, a cold beer, and warm crab in my Old Bay-soaked hands! Not enough time to go see the relatives, and too much time to just sit in a veggie state.

    Quinton! I knew it would come out eventually!

    Gotta run! Not really, done writing…I’ll try reading…but then again, I am from PG.

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